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ISM-NEW Monthly Meeting

Tuesday Oct. 14th, 2014

Strategies to Avoid Common Deadly Sins Found in Procurement Contracts

To properly protect a business, profit, flexibility, brand and reputation, sourcing teams need to anticipate issues, and take proactive steps in a rapidly changing landscape, and increasingly global marketplace. To accomplish these long-term strategic objectives we must properly manage the risks inherent in outsourcing, licensing technology, contract manufacturing, and a host of other issues. To accomplish your goals you need to be able to strategize each opportunity from both your perspective, and your suppliers before drafting the agreement. What problems can you anticipate and protect against in advance? How can the agreement protect you against warranty, quality regulatory and other liability mishaps? Might you be better off without having a formal contract?

Attendees to this seminar will have an opportunity to work in teams to identify select fact patterns, and problem contract language, and suggest possible solutions to better protect the purchaser.


ISM Northeast Wisconsin

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ISM - Northeast Wisconsin Celebrates its 40th Anniversary in March 2015!

Thank You to our members for 40 successful years.

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