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01/12/15 Seminar

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01/13/15 Meeting

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Bob Harrington
Bob Harrington

ISM-NEW Monthly Meeting

Tuesday February 10th, 2015

Financial Overview: Creating Successful Cost Savings

Dinner Meeting!

Bob will go over the 10 things you need to know about accountants in order to make life with them easier (every company has accountants).  Accounting can be (is) boring to most, but is possible to improve your financial acumen and have some fun.  Get wild and join us as we explore these 10 tantalizing accounting topics:

  1. Acronyms – wait … SEC means something other than Auburn vs. Alabama?
  2. Calendars – is there more than one?
  3. Yin and Yang
  4. Chart of Accounts – how could this possibly relate to the TV Guide?
  5. Auditors – GAAP isn’t just a misspelled clothing store
  6. Cash or Income – how are they different?
  7. Cash and Accruals
  8. Matching Principle
  9. Working Capital
  10. Absorption

He will also go over cost savings, the different perspectives people have on this misunderstood term, and some cost saving examples.


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ISM - Northeast Wisconsin Celebrates its 40th Anniversary in March 2015!

Thank You to our members for 40 successful years.

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